Friday, September 12, 2008

More September Fiction for Book Addicts

Is the suspense building for some more new Fiction titles for September? Wait no longer! Remember you can request these titles by clicking on the title.

Home / Marilynne Robinson. (Publisher's Weekly Starred Review, Amazon Best of the Month, BookPage Notable Title)
Glory Boughton, aged thirty-eight, has returned to Gilead to care for her dying father. Soon her brother, Jack--the prodigal son of the family, gone for twenty years--comes home too, looking for refuge and trying to make peace with a past littered with tormenting trouble and pain. A companion to the bestseller Gilead. (There's no place like home.)

Hot Mahogany by Stuart Woods.
Stone Barrington is hired to protect Barton Cabot, an army intelligence officer suffering from amnesia following a random act of violence. Barton is a man with a past, and one event in particular--in the jungles of Vietnam--is coming back to haunt his present in ways he'd never expected. (Stone keeps us on the edge of our seats.)

Indignation by Philip Roth. (Publisher's Weekly & Booklist Starred Reviews, BookPage Notable Title)
Against the backdrop of the Korean War, a young man faces life's unimagined chances and terrifying consequences. Indignation is at once a startling departure from the haunted narratives of old age and a powerful addition to Roth's investigations of the impact of American history on the life of the vulnerable individual. (Bookletters) (Roth is headed for the top of the Bestseller List again!)

Lucky one by Nicholas Sparks.
Sparks's unparalleled storytelling talents continue to shine in this tale of a man whose brush with death leads him to the love of his life. (Sometimes it takes a nudge to turn us in the right direction.)

The other queen by Philippa Gregory. (BookPage Notable Title) New York Times-bestselling author Gregory presents a new and unique view of one of history's most intriguing, romantic, and maddening heroines--Mary, Queen of Scots--in a suspense-filled tale of love, ambition, and jealousy. (Another big title for the book clubs!)

Sweetheart by Chelsea Cain. (Publisher's Weekly & Booklist Starred Reviews)
With "Heartsick," Cain took the crime world by storm, introducing two of the most compelling characters in decades: serial killer Gretchen Lowell and her obsessed pursuer Portland Detective Archie Sheridan. Lowell and Sheridan's stories continue in this terrifying new sequel. (You may have to sleep with the lights on with this one.)

Tsar : a thriller by Ted Bell.
Swashbuckling counter spy Alex Hawke is the only man, both Americans and the Brits agree, who can stop the madness created by the new Russia and its new Tsar, who is pulling strings and pulling them hard. (A Tsar in Russia again? Seems more like Fantasy!)

Have a great weekend and we'll have more to discover next week!

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