Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Database Shmatabase

Sometimes I don't understand
why more people aren't more excited about databases. As fun as it is to browse the web via Google, there are lots of times when a database is the better choice. When I talk about databases here, I mean those put out by reputable publishers, available through subscription. Of course there are free databases available on the web as well (Wikipedia and are good examples), but nice, big, useful ones are not easy to find.
Take RefUSA for example. It's a compilation of the country's yellow pages and gives a lot more than the telephone directories. Or Health Reference Center, which gives you access to hundreds of medical journals and health magazines. Or the Boston Globe, with (free) access to all articles since 1980.
So, do I have to pay for these, you ask?
Not if you have a library card, I answer! Find a link to the Library's databases from the website (click on Reference Services) or the Minuteman Library Network website (
More on databases tomorrow...

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