Friday, February 20, 2009

SF & Fantasy

Enjoy these books, the most popular science fiction and fantasy books by circulation since July 2008.

Top 10 Science Fiction

1. Odd Girl Out
by Zahn, Timothy

2. Invincible (Star Wars)
by Denning, Troy

3 The lost fleet : valiant

by Campbell, Jack

4. The Ashes of Worlds
by Anderson, Kevin J.

5. The Last Theorem
by Clarke, Arthur C.; Pohl, Frederik

6. Matter
by Banks, Iain M.

7. The Scourge of God : A Novel of the Change

by Stirling, S. M.

8. Pebble in the Sky
by Asimov, Isaac

9. City at the End of Time

by Bear, Greg

10. The Prefect

by Reynolds, Alastair

Top 10 Fantasy

1. The Blade Itself
by Abercrombie, Joe

2. Furies of Calderon

by Butcher, Jim

3. Victory of Eagles

by Novik, Naomi

4. Backup
by Butcher, Jim; Mignola, Mike (Illustrator)

5. Storm Front
by Butcher, Jim

6. Before They Are Hanged
by Abercrombie, Joe

7. Tracing the Shadow

by Ash, Sarah

8. Cast in Courtlight
by Sagara, Michelle

9. Havemercy
by Bennett, Danielle; Jones, Jaida

10. Ink and Steel : A Novel of the Promethean Age
by Bear, Elizabeth


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