Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Say what?
Frequent searchers of Google (and who isn't?) may be interested in this little shortcut for a Google date search. We can limit the results by date (past day, week, month or year) in the Advanced Search, but it requires precious seconds of mouse clicking time to get there. So try this instead: After you get your results, append &as_qdr= to the results URL with a d for day, w for week, m for month, etc. As a special bonus, you can make it d2 for two days or m3 for three months or whatever. So here's an example: You search Google for Sarah Palin. The URL for the results looks like this:
Add &as_qdr=d2 to that URL and your results will be limited to just the last 2 days worth. I think it's pretty cool and I haven't even gotten it memorized yet!

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