Thursday, August 27, 2009

Planet Quest

The search for extraterrestrial life doesn’t happen only in science fiction. Startling discoveries are being made and new missions are being planned. Scientists are discussing questions like: Are there earth like extrasolar planets in our galaxy and if so how do we find them? What makes a planet or moon habitable? What is life and how does it begin? How can life be recognized on distant worlds? Is live likely to be microbial or more complex or even intelligent? Find the answers in the following books.

Amir D. Acsel Probability 1

Jeffrey Bennett Beyond UFOS

Alan Boss The crowded universe

Peter Ward and David Brownlee Rare Earth

P.C.W. Davies Cosmic jackpot

David Grinspoon Lonely Planets

David Koerner and Simon Levay Here Be Dragons

Seth Shostak Confessions of an alien hunter

Seth Shostak Sharing the Universe

Peter Ward Life As We Do Not Know It

Stephen Webb If the Universe is Teeming With Aliens Where Is Everybody

First direct image of a planet around a star like sun

Exoplanet Exploration NASA


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