Friday, September 11, 2009

Job Searching 2.0

There's a ton of online tools to help you with your job search, but one of the newest and more interesting job databases mines Twitter--which increasingly more business are using to post open positions--and allows you to search for jobs. has a variety of ways to find jobs, through keyword searching, browsing by position, or through their really cool mashup with Google Maps--and they even have an RSS feed you can create. The tool isn't limited to jobs, though--some companies advertise intern positions as well. For example, recently Addidas was advertising intern positions for their Rockport creative design team, based in Canton. Of course, you'll still want to go with the traditional job search methods--like networking, want ads,, etc.--but if it's cutting-edge or internet-advanced employers you're looking for then you might add this to your list to search.


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