Monday, January 25, 2010

Who Can Resist?

In the pre-Internet days (or as my kids would say, in ancient times), you might show your collection of comic book covers to your friends and relatives. Now fast forward to 2010. Not only can you collect cover images from other obsessors round the globe, but you can display your 450,000 comic book (and magazine) covers for the world to see. But wait, there's more! You can search them, tag them, download them, buy them, compare movie images with comic book images and more. It's the site. Be sure to check out the Speech Bubbler in the lab section, where you can insert your own words into the speech bubbles of selected covers. (See Archie above.)
And don't neglect its sister site,, where you can find vintage ads--123,000 of them, from 1851-2008. They are arranged by subject (and within subjects, by decade) and keyword searchable.
Thanks (once again) to ResearchBuzz for the tip.

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