Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Numbers in all their full color glory!

Following up on Mike's post of March 11 (Some randomness from the web)...
I agree about the increasingly wonderful and fun visual representations of information on the Web. I don't know if these clever graphics will make us any smarter, but they sure seem useful. Anyway, what made me think of adding to Mike's entry was this great set of visuals on Internet use on the BBC site. Among the gems presented you'll find:
**The top 100 web sites (by usage) are presented in a "treemap" by the type of service. The categories are sized proportionally so at a glance you can see that Search Engines were the top category (about 24%), followed by News, Retail and Sofware. And within these service groups, the individual web sites are shown (with stats) as you mouse over them.
**Twenty-six Internet billionaires in a (slightly) interactive table showing the web sites, portraits, wealth, age (young!!!) and a brief identifying comment.
**A world map with numbers of Internet users shown as you mouse over the countries. Change the year (1998-2008) and the numbers change with it.

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