Thursday, September 9, 2010

Google now reads your mind...

Google never stops looking for new features to keep and recruit new users. They now have begun reading your mind about what you are trying to search and present you with instant gratification! Thus the name of this new Google search enhancement is Google Instant Search.

For example, if you begin a search with "w," the search will immediately begin to display weather in anticipation that you are looking for weather information. At the same time the search box lists other popular searches that begin with w--walmart,whitepages, etc--below your search as other options to search. When I started to key in library, it took 4 characters "libr" before Library of Congress appeared. Disappointing.

Reviews of Google Instant Search that you may like to check out are:


Or try the You Tube Video.

Let's see, they search for us, think for us,...perhaps voice activated search will be next so we do not have to even key in the search! SH

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