Thursday, December 2, 2010

Credo Reference Online Resource Class December 7th, 2010!

If you haven't tried our newest online resource--Credo Reference--yet (or even if you have), come to the class in Jackie's Room at the library on Tuesday, December 7th from 2-3 p.m. to be amazed!

This is not your typical resource.
Rob Lerman will give you a tour and point out what makes this research tool so unique as well as useful for students, researchers, and those of us who would like to know a little bit more.

Whether you are training a dog, looking for word origins, checking medical conditions/diseases, or looking for a video of a speech by George H. W. Bush, Credo is the place to start.

The topic pages contain information from:
  • 500+ reference books
  • dictionary and encyclopedia entries
  • journal and newspaper articles
  • many of our other online resources such as CQ Researcher, Biography in Context, etc.
  • Books, dvds and music in our library
  • videos
  • images
  • concept maps
--All from 1 search!

So get ahead of the game and
sign up for Introduction to the New Credo Reference Online Resource with Rob on Tuesday! SH

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