Friday, February 11, 2011

It's Tax Time Again!

Yes, it's that time of year again, where we turn away from the unpleasant task of shoveling out from under massive snow falls and turn to the even more unpleasant task of filing our tax returns.

This year both the federal government and our state government have decided to make this time easier on their budgets and draw back from printing and mailing forms to individuals, so a lot of you may be left without the forms you need to get the job done. Never fear, the library's here!

We do our best to get the most frequently requested tax forms for you, but delays in legislation and printing have led to a dearth of forms in the library. But as of this Tuesday, we now have most of the forms and instructions you need, so come on down and pick up what you need--they're held behind the Reference Desk on the second floor, in the alcove behind the desk. If you need any other forms that we haven't ordered, we'll be happy to print them for you at the low, low cost of 15 cents a page. We may not be able to make your trip to the dentist any easier, but we endeavor to make tax time as painless as possible for you!


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