Thursday, March 17, 2011

Your own personal New York Times

Perhaps you've heard of this newspaper...?
The New York Times has added a "My New York Times" type feature which will recommend news stories to you based on the stories you read while you are logged in. So if you go to the site and log in, the web site will keep track of what stories you're reading and provide a list of new stories you might like to read. Nothing will appear in your email--it's all based on your browsing the Times web site. (Coincidentally, the newspaper is also beginning their new fee-for-content scheme next month. Non-subscribers will be limited to 20 free articles per month.) As much as I try to avoid having a zillion "My_____" pages to add to my 10 zillion passwords I have to ferret out each time I touch my computer, I think I'll try this one. There's nothing quite like the Times covering world events and there certainly are some subjects I like to keep on top of.

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