Monday, April 25, 2011

Kindle Owners!!!

For those who haven't yet heard the news...
Amazon and Overdrive have reached an agreement whereby Overdrive users will be able to download books onto their Kindle e-book readers. Just to back up a little for those who may think overdrive is just past 4th gear and that kindle produces fires: Overdrive is the distributor many libraries use to circulate digital books and audio books. Books can be downloaded to your computer or to any number of mobile devices. Because there are many devices, each with their own software and licensing rights, it's been a little confusing to sort it all out. The biggest player in the mobile bookreader world has been Amazon Books with their Kindle. Unfortunately for Overdrive (and Kindle) users, no books in the Overdrive catalog could be downloaded to the Kindle. Hence the big announcement: "Sometime in 2011" Kindle books will be able to be downloaded from Overdrive. (Overdrive, a.k.a. Digital Media Catalog, is available from the list of Library databases or from the Wellesley Free Library home page).