Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Phil Bradley on Google vs. The Librarians

Librarians are there:

To help, aid, assist. To teach, collate, enthuse. To catalogue, index, arrange, organise. To find, discover, promote, display. To interest, intrigue, amuse and amaze. To instill wonder. To help children, adults, old people, the underprivileged, the rich, the poor, those with voices and those without. To protect resources, to archive them, to store them, to save them for the future. To provide differing viewpoints, to engender thought, conversation, research, fun. To provide the best answer possible, to match the answer to the enquirer, to provide just enough information without overwhelming the user, but enough to always help. To better a local community, a company, a college, an organisation, a country, the world.

Google is there:

To make money.

[Phil Bradley, never one to mince words.Take that, Google!]


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Anonymous said...

Rock on Mr. Bradley! Thanks for posting this, the message, as you know, is invaluable, but not heard loud or often enough.