Thursday, November 3, 2011

October Snow now What?

Did the freak October snow storm cause some damage to your trees and shrubs?
Learn how to prune and care for damaged trees with these books.

Homeowner's Complete Guide to the Chainsaw: A Chainsaw Pro Shows You How to Safely and Confidently Handle Everything from Trimming Branches and Fellin
Homeowner's complete guide to the chainsaw : a chainsaw pro shows you how to safely and confidently handle everything from trimming branches and felling trees to splitting and stacking wood
By Ruth, Brian J.
Author Ruth, Jen W.
2009-10 - Fox Chapel Publishing
9781565233560 Check Our Catalog

Taking the fear out of chainsaws by emphasizing safe handling practices, this resource aims to put raw power in the hands of everyday yard workers. With step-by-step color photographs throughout, 12 of the most common household chainsaw operations are tackled with expert advice and sure-handed guidance. …More

The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance
The Tree Doctor: A Guide to Tree Care and Maintenance
By Predergast, Daniel
Author Predergast, Erin
Author Prendergast, Daniel
2003-09 - Firefly Books
9781552977422 Check Our Catalog

"A practical guide for growing healthy trees."

As the most dominant and permanent feature in any garden, trees establish a landscape's character more than any other plant.

Moreover, trees can filter the air of pollutants, muffle noise, screen the sun, calm the wind, attract birds, reduce soil erosion, raise the water table, and increase property values. Knowing which varieties to grow and how to maintain them is a must for anyone who owns trees or is considering planting one.

The Tree Doctor is an easy-to-understand guide for growing healthy trees that will benefit generations to come. …More

The Pruning Answer Book
The Pruning Answer Book
By Hill, Lewis
Author O'Sullivan, Penelope
2011-03 - Storey Publishing
9781603427104 Check Our Catalog

Previously published as: Pruning made easy. …More

Pruning Basics: Tools * Techniques * Timing
Pruning Basics: Tools * Techniques * Timing
By Squire, David
2001-06 - Sterling Publishing
0806951133 Check Our Catalog

"Gives excellent, thorough advice on what to prune when and how to go about it, with clear, easy-to-read diagrams and lots of them. It will help you achieve full bloom, healthy growth and proper shaping for any kind of shrub or small tree."--"Chicago Tribune."

Pruning & Training
Pruning & Training
By Brickell, Christopher
Author Joyce, David
Joint Author Joyce, David
1996-08 - DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
1564583317 Check Our Catalog

Whether you are planning a new garden, wondering how to bring back a neglected tree or shrub, or want to develop areas of special interest, AHS Pruning & Training contains all the techniques you need in easy-to-follow, step by step explanations. …More


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