Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MP3 Audiobooks

If you can’t get in your car or go for your daily walk without listening to your favorite mystery writer on a sound recording, we hope you will try our MP3 collection of audiobooks. One or two discs hold the contents of an entire book and are compatible in most newer model cars (after 2007) and portable MP3 players. The sound quality is excellent and tracking is easy. The collection features various genres including new fiction, mystery, classics, biography, language instruction and nonfiction. Check out our display at the entrance to the Media Room on the first floor of the library. And remember – if the title you are looking for is checked out, we may have it in another audio format such as book on CD, Playaway or downloadable through Overdrive.



Anonymous said...

thanks for this helpful post. I'm especially interested in the title you showed 'good school'. thanks!

Wellesley Reference said...

As always, thank you for your helpful feedback!