Friday, February 3, 2012

What's new for February

What's new in fiction and mystery for February? Here are a few titles:

Wild Thing by Josh Bazell

Dr. Peter Brown, aka Pietro Brwna, is back. This time he accompanies a paleontologist on an assignment at the request of an eccentric billionaire. Murders, drug deals, of course the mob, and lots of laughs by the author of Beat the Reaper.

Pineapple Grenade by Tim Dorsey

In his 15th outing, Dorsey's protagonist Serge Storms has become a secret agent in Miami, but he ends up with two competing CIA bureaus on his tail.

The Technologists by Matthew Pearl

It's Boston in 1868 in Matthew Pearl's latest historical novel. Four of the first group of MIT students team up to look into a series of baffling scientific mysteries.


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