Friday, May 4, 2012

What's New for May

Looking for mystery and fiction coming out in May?  Here are a few titles:

In One Person by John Irving
A novel of desire, secrecy and sexual identity.  

11th Hour by James Patterson
Another installment in the Women's Murder Club series.

Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer
Part 2 of the Clifton Chronicles series.


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Portugal said...

Most of my favorite writers are masters at character development. John Irving is no exception. In One Person will go down as one of my favorite novels of the last 12 months. Irving simply has that knack to make his characters seem like people you've known your whole life. This is the case even with those characters who are outside the mainstream like the joyful and unapologetic cross-dresser Grandpa Harry, Harry's loyal best friend, kooky Nils, and the wonderful, and incomparable Miss Frost. Although it might take some readers a little while to "get to know" those characters who march to the beat of a different drummer, other characters, such as Bill and Elaine, come out of the gate feeling like good old friends. By focusing on the personalities of the characters he has invented, rather than on the type of sex they have or how society wishes for us to label them, Irving has written a book about sexual longing, sexual differences and the AIDS epidemic that is so much less lurid than the fundamentalists and haters will try to claim. I've been hoping for the last 20 years that Irving would write a book that moved me as much as Garp, and with In One Person, he has done just that. If you like rich, honest, fully developed characters, this is a must-read.