Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What defines a library?

Though the traditional and obviously simplistic definition of a public library is  a collection of information sources, resources, books, and services, the wider meaning is certainly a sanctuary of community and healing for those in need. Rarely was this more apparent than after Hurricane Sandy when the New York and New Jersey public libraries became a refuge for the those without power, heat and in many cases, a home. The fact that the libraries themselves were damaged in the storm was more of a back story but unfortunately, a real one.  As they continue to reel from the effects of the storm, the staff are often struggling to provide essential library services.



CHEY said...

Good post, I hope it generates some donations!

Marisa B said...

What an important post! Few people (besides the children of librarians =) know how many free and treasured services you provide! Thank you for all you do.