Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Voice

If you’re like most audio-listening fans, the quality of the narrator’s voice is one of the most important features in the enjoyment of the audio experience. A “bad” voice will cause even the most enthusiastic listener to press “stop.” As a particularly demanding listener myself around voice quality, especially woman’s voices, here are two stellar selections I recommend:

 Charlotte Bronte: Jane Eyre. Books on CD 2002 Read by Josephine Bailey


 You’ve read the book, you’ve seen the movie(s) but have you had the book read to you? Most likely your answer is no. So, delay not and borrow this audio version read by Josephine Bailey. Ms. Bailey’s voice is an unusually pleasurable voice to listen to for all the characters encountered in this well-loved novel. In a light, mellow English accent Ms. Bailey makes the world of Thornfield Hall, Lowood School, and Gateshead Hall come to life as well as some of the most vivid characters in all of literature.

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Second recommendation: 

Cheryl Stayed: Tiny Beautiful Things. Books on CD 2012 Read by the author

 Cheryl Stayed, who wowed the publishing industry with her memoir Wild, also writes an advice column in The Rumpus called “Dear Sugar.” In this audio presentation Ms. Stayed reads the letters from her advice column and her answers. The questions and answers are so riveting that if you’re listening in your car you’ll drive around a few extra minutes just to hear her read the full reply. Ms. Stayed has an appealing voice and a deep, warm heart. Don’t miss this experience. 

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