Wednesday, May 8, 2013

60th Anniversary of the Korean War

To enrich the observance of the 60th Anniversary of the Korean War, check out the 2nd floor display table for a variety of Korean War nonfiction and fiction books, audiobooks, and DVDs.  The Reference Department also has booklists available for you take.

The official website for the anniversary, Korean War 60th Anniversary, offers (by clicking on History on the toolbar at the top of the page) the history, personal testimonials, photographs, biographies and more for this Forgotten War,

Some of the titles available on the display include:

Naval Aviation in the Korean War 

Bully Able Leader : the story of a fighter-bomber pilot in the Korean War

Home: A Novel by Toni Morrison

Mash: A Novel about 3 Army Doctors by Richard Hooker

War Trash: A Novel by Ha Jin


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