Monday, June 10, 2013

Summer Reading

Cue Will Smith's "Summertime"

With the end of the school year fast approaching, the library is gearing up for Wellesley Summer Reading! Check out the lists for the public schools or participate in Wellesley Reads Together, a partnership with Mass Bay Community College.

Wellesley High School

     Wellesley High School Summer Reading can be found at the Wellesley High School Library Website.

Wellesley Middle School

     Entering Sixth 2013/2014
     Entering Seventh 2013/2014
     Entering Eighth 2013/2014

Wellesley Reads Together

The Wellesley Free Library joins forces with Mass Bay Community College for a town-wide reading program with the theme of Civic Engagement. Borrow the book this summer & Watch for related free events and book discussions this fall.

This year Wellesley will read : The Pact

Summary: They grew up on the streets of Newark, facing city life's temptations, pitfalls, even jail. But one day they promised each other that they would all become doctors, and stick it out together through the long, difficult journey to attaining that dream. A New York Times best-seller, this is a story about the power of friendship, beating the odds and changing your life and the lives of those you love...together. ' inspiration to young people... Their message can transform the world' - Bill Cosby

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