Wednesday, September 11, 2013

New Science Fiction and Fantasy September 2013

Two new steampunk novels this month Fiendish Schemes by the founder of the genre and Jack Cloudie by Hunt who excells at creating a Dickensian world. Also two new entries in long running series by Feist and Novik and the second in Tad Williams new fantasy series.

Happy Hour in Hell
     by Tad Williams
"Ive been told to go to Hell more times than I can count, but this time Im actually going. " My name is Bobby Dollar, sometimes known as Doloriel, and of course, Hell isnt a great place for someone like me, Im an angel. They don’t like my kind down there, not even the slightly fallen variety.  Not only do I have to sneak into Hell, make my way across thousands of miles of terror and suffering to reach Pan- demonium, capital of the fiery depths, but then I have to steal my girlfriend Caz right out from under the burning eyes of one of most powerful demons in all of the netherworld and smuggle her out again, past demon soldiers, hellhounds, and all the murderous creatures imprisoned there for eternity.

Fiendish Schemes
     by K. W. Jeter
 In 1986 K. W. Jeter coined the term "steampunk," applying it to his first Victorian-era science fiction alternate-history adventure Infernal Devices. At last he has returned with Fiendish Schemes, a tale of George Dower, son of the inventor of Infernal Devices. Dower is enticed by the prospect of financial gain into a web of intrigue with ominously mysterious players who have nefarious plans of which he can only guess.

Blood of Tyrants
     by Naomi Novik
His Majesty's Dragon, readers have been entranced by the globe-spanning adventures of the resolute Capt. William Laurence and his brave but impulsive dragon, Temeraire.  Shipwrecked and cast ashore in Japan with no memory of Temeraire or his own experiences as an English aviator, Laurence finds himself tangled in deadly political intrigues that threaten not only his own life but England's already precarious position in the Far East.

Magician's End
     by Raymond E. Feist
An uneasy quiet has settled upon Midkemia in the wake of a surprise invasion. But the land is far from peaceful. Leaderless, the Kingdom is on the brink of anarchy and civil war, unless Hal ConDoin, Duke of Crydee, and his brothers can rally their allies to crown a new king. They must move quickly, for war has left the land vulnerable to an agency of horrific destruction not of this world. No one is safe, not even the Star Elves whose city deep in the Grey Tower Mountains has come under attack by an ancient darkness that seeks to extinguish every living thing in Midkemia.

Jack Cloudie
     by Stephen Hunt
Jack Cloudie is a tale of high adventure and derring-do set in the same Victorian-style steampunk world as Stephen Hunt's acclaimed The Court of the Air.Thanks to his father's gambling debts, young Jack Keats finds himself on the streets and trying to survive as a pickpocket. Following a daring bank robbery gone badly awry, Jack narrowly escapes the scaffold, only to be pressed into the Royal Aerostatical Navy. Assigned to the most useless airship in the fleet, serving under a captain who is most probably mad, Jack seems to be bound for almost certain death.


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