Saturday, December 19, 2015


Eisenhower's Armies: The American-British Alliance During World War II

by Niall Barr
This dynamic new history provides a fresh perspective on many of the controversies and critical strategic decisions of World War II. 

The Anglo-American relationship from 1941-1945 proved to be the most effective military alliance in history. Yet there were also constant tensions and disagreements that threatened to pull the alliance apart. This book highlights why the unprecedented level of cooperation between the very different American and British forces eventually led to victory but also emphasizes the tensions and controversies which inevitably arose. 

Based on considerable archival research, this work considers the breadth and depth of the relationship from high-level strategic decisions, the rivalries and personalities of the commanders to the ordinary British and American soldiers who fought alongside one another. 

The book also looks back and demonstrates how the legacy of previous experience shaped the decisions of the war.  Eisenhower's Armies is the story of two very different armies learning to live, work, and fight together even in the face of serious strategic disagreements. 

In highlighting the cooperation, tensions, and disagreements inherent in this military alliance, this work shows that Allied victory was far from pre-ordained and proves that the business of making this alliance work was vital for eventual success.  
Eisenhower's Armies is a very human story about the efforts of many individuals, famous or otherwise, who worked and argued together to defeat Hitler's Germany.


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