Saturday, March 21, 2009

Book Lover websites

Are you always trying to remember what you have read? Looking for some lists of good books? You might be interested in trying out two websites that allow you to view OR make lists of your own.

22 books.

The creator of this website was looking for a list of Kurt Vonnegut's books one day and had trouble finding one. So he decided to make a site where booklists could be created and shared (or not if you want to keep yours private). He entitled it 22 books because this was how many books he found by Vonnegut. The site promises to offer more opportunities in the future.

This website allows you to
  • find other book lovers' favorite books, award winning books, genre lists, etc.
  • create your own book lists
  • add a book cover picture (for those who tell a book by the cover)
  • make comments
  • insert you list(s) in a website
  • share them with others on the website
  • sort them by author or title or date read.

With this site you will never again have to guess if you have already read a book. Just check your lists!

For hard core book lovers who want more than lists, GoodReads allows you to not only find and create lists (40 million books so far), but you may write reviews, form groups, create trivia questions about titles, and join forumsor book clubs to chat about books. The lists offered here are tagged so it is easy for you to look at all of the lists that fit your search--fiction, nonfiction, science fiction fantasy, history, romance, childrens, young adult and more. For those young people searching for a good book this summer, there are ready-made lists for them to peruse. This site is well-known throughout librarydom so well worth checking it out!

Some of the popular lists found on
LISTOPIA (I love this section title!) include the Worst Books of All Time, Best Books Ever, Best 20th Century Books, Best Science Fiction Books, and The Book was Better than the Movie, plus oodles more. YOU have the opportunity to VOTE on these lists so you become a participant in the community right away! This will be a site that will be bookmarked on my computer. How about you? SH

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