Monday, June 15, 2009

Bing!--A better mapper?

"You'll see yellow a dumpster on your right"
Mapquest, Yahoo Maps, Google Maps--Everyone has a favorite and everyone loves to complain about the dumb directions they've been given to get from A to B. Enter Microsoft's new search engine Bing with its own map/directions generator. I haven't used it yet to actually go someplace, but it does have one great innovation: the directions include landmarks you will pass on the way to your destination. For example in driving from Wellesley College to Wellesley Free Library, we are warned if we reach Wakelin Way, we've gone too far. Other helpful notes (on other searches, that is) include "Pass Getty in 3.6 miles" or "Road name changes to Riverway," or "Stop for tolls." I'm psyched to try it out next time I try to drive somewhere I haven't visited at least a dozen times before.

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