Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Interlibrary Loan Update

Did you know that Wellesley Free Library Interlibrary Loan Department can obtain books, scores, microfilms of newspapers, CDs, DVDs, etc. from all over the country for Wellesley Free Library patrons and patrons from any library in the Massachusetts Metrowest Regional Library System?

What’s more, in most cases, the service is free. Last year we were able to get 8,845 items. We were charged for 650 of them which means over 92% of items were obtained at no charge.

Due to the state’s budget woes, we presently have to pass on charges to the patrons in those few cases where there are charges. If you want to obtain something via Interlibrary Loan, but do not want to pay any charges, just ask us to stop at free libraries.

What kinds of things are we able to get for free? his fall we obtained copies of maps of bicycle trails in all parts of Massachusetts from the Library of Congress. e borrowed September 1945 microfilm for the Oregonian newspaper and the Austin Statesman newspaper for patrons doing research on how the Nagasaki bombing was reported at the time.

If you want to borrow something not owned by Minuteman, contact the Reference Department (781-235-1610 x1117) to make your ILL request.


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