Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Help by Stockett--Movie News & Paperback Release

Excitement should begin to bubble up for all of you lovers of Katherine Stockett's The Help as the movie adaptation has started filming this summer in Mississippi. In case you have forgotten, the book is about black maids and their relationships with their white women employers during the 1960s as the Civil Rights Movement was beginning.

The stars are Emma Stone as "Skeeter" Eugenia Phelan, Viola Davis as Aibileen, Octavia Spencer as Minny, and Bryce Dallas Howard as Hilly Holbrook, the character you love to hate. Of special note, Octavia Spencer is a friend of Stockett's, and not only did she provide Minnie's voice on the audio recording of the book, she was Stockett's inspiration for the character. There is no date for the movie release at this time.

Also of note is that the paperback format will finally be released on January 4, 2011. This will assist in the demand to read the tome again before the movie premieres. SH

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jim.giles said...

I am a native Mississippian living in Clarksdale. I witnessed a portion of the filming of
"The Help" that went on here last month and am now almost through with the book. It is outstanding!
I lived in Jackson on Laurel Street (in the Belhaven area) in 1960 and '61. This totally absorbing story truly "tells it like it was" in that time and as I read along, I find myself transported back to a time that I remember with mixed emotions.
Thank you, Ms. Stockett for your marvelous book. You are a true talent.
Jimmy Giles
Clarksdale, Ms.