Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ty's Picks for SF & Fantasy

A short list of summer SF & Fantasy books. I am looking forward to some beach reading.

The Fuller Memorandum
by Charles Stross

In Stross's laundry novels magic is a branch of pure mathematics which can allow Lovecraftian creatures entry into this world. July.

Tongues of Serpents
by Naomi Novik

A blend of military history, high-flying fantasy, and edge-of-your-seat adventure, Naom
i Novik's Temeraire novels, set in an alternate Napoleonic era in which intelligent dragons have been harnessed as weapons of war. July.

Under Heaven
by Guy Gavriel Kay

In his latest innovative work, an award-winning author evokes the dazzling Tang Dynasty of 8th-century China in a story of honor and power. July.

The Evolutionary Void
by Peter F. Hamilton

Hamilton's star-spanning sagas are distinguished by deft plotting, engaging characters, provocative explorations of science and society, and soaring imaginative reach. August.

The Last Page
by Anthony Huso

Huso's debut mixes technology and fantasy elements in a story set during a civil war fille
d with vengance and the plots of those hungry for power. August.


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