Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Patricia Cornwell News

Fans of Patricia Cornwell and her best selling series featuring Forensic Pathologist Kay Scarpetta will be delighted to know that she has the first of two new books coming out called Port Mortuary. This 18th book in the series will be available November 30 but it is best to place your requests today as the list is continually growing. We have it available in print and on CD. Word is that the second book will feature the New England Aquarium, as she was seen there on August 5 doing research for the pending publication.

Port Mortuary not only introduces another high tech procedure, CT-assisted virtual autopsy, but reaches back to Kay's early life. It fills us in on her experience with Air Force when she enlisted to pay off her medical school debt. This is where she first experienced brutal killing cases which led later to her becoming an expert in forensic pathology and became linked with the FBI.

In case you did not know, Angelina Jolie signed on in 2009 to portray Kay Scarpetta in a proposed feature film endeavor. The movie will not be based upon one book but will pull events from the entire series. This is a disappointment because each book spends a great deal of time examining the crimes in great detail. No word on when filming will even begin. SH

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