Monday, August 9, 2010

Play some awesome video games made by local designers!

These past couple of weeks we've been hosting a video game making workshop where budding game designers learned how to use the GameMaker 8 software to design and create their own video games. The software is freely available at, which has great tutorials for different types of games (maze, platform, 3D, etc.)--some of which were used to get us started! We began with an easy video game and then moved up to a maze-style game which allowed for each of the designers to impart their own special twist--different monsters, heroes, objectives, and layouts. If you'd like to check out the games created during the workshop, you can find them by clicking here. Keep in mind that they're still a work in progress, as each participant took their game files home with them to keep refining and building on the game. Enjoy!

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