Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How much? How many?

How many carpet installers are there in Massachusetts and what's their median wage? Compare the wages and numbers of carpenters and electricians. Find these occupational statistics and more at Wolfram Alpha. Wolfram Alpha is the go-to site for computations of all sorts. Input your birthday and you won't just find some random anniversaries. Oh no--You'll know immediately how many days you've been alive, what your birthday looks like on the Mayan Haab calendar, the shape of the moon on that day and lots more useful information. Enter a food and get the complete nutritional breakdown. You can even cheat at scrabble by entering "scrabble" with 7 letters. There are thousands of other numbers that can be crunched. Include among these comparing two colleges, finding historical weather, translating words or numbers into barcodes or calculating the exchange rate of your favorite currency.
Try it; it's definitely got bookmark potential.

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