Saturday, October 30, 2010

Your Business Needs Are Our Business

Are you looking for a few good leads to increase your sales? Trying to figure out what's the best mutual fund for you? Or maybe you're doing some market research and want to know how Kibbles 'n Bits stacks up against Purina in terms of annual sales? Well, we've been working hard to get you those answers & to make them available for you in the comfort of your home!

So how about them Kibbles? For market statistics, RDS Business Suite has some of the best answers--it uses Tablebase, a search engine that brings together statistical research on over 90 industries world-wide.

Need some great investment tips? In addition to Morningstar, we've just picked up Standard & Poor's NetAdvantage, which gives ratings & reports for almost thousands of stocks and mutual funds.

Looking for some new sales leads? Check out Hoover's, a resource of first resort for businesspeople looking for a head start on their sales.

And of course there's many more business-oriented online resources made available to you that might become one of those "must see" sites for your day-to-day operations --for a full list go to


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