Thursday, June 5, 2014

BOOK SPOTLIGHT: The Iron Jackal: A Tale of the Kitty Jay

The Iron Jackal: A Tale of the Kitty Jay
by Chris Wooding

     Another Tales of the Ketty Jay adventure after Retribution Falls and The Black Lung Captain. The Iron Jackal takes place in an alternate Steampunk world, kind of like Indiana Jones with goggles, steam machines and airships meets the old wild west. Think Firefly with airships instead of spaceships. 

     Darian Frey is the roguish captain of the Ketty Jay and her dysfunctional crew.  Accustomed to living on the wrong side of the law, running contraband, robbing airships and being general freebooters. Things are finally looking good for Captain Frey and his crew. The Ketty Jay has been fixed up good as new. They've got their first taste of fortune and fame. And, just for once, nobody is trying to kill them.

     Even Trinica Dracken, Frey's one-time fiancee and long time nemesis has given up on her quest for revenge. In fact, she's offered them a job,one that will take them deep into the desert heart of Samarla, the land of their ancient enemies. To a place where the secrets of the past lie in wait for the unwary.


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