Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jason Mraz has a new album and new local connection

If you have been waiting for Jason Mraz [Love is a four letter word (2012)], mark July 15th on your

Yes will be released,which features his latest single "Love Someone" (check out the video) that he sang with Alex Preston from New Hampshire on the Finale of American May, 2014.  Mraz has invited Alex Preston to join him in jamming and left the door open to co-writing.

Mraz has evolved his musical style from his original wordplay which drew fans with his release of Waiting for my rocket to come which featured the "The Remedy."  I enjoy his new songs but long for more fun with his wonderful word creations from his early career.  Perhaps he has included a sampling of some of his earlier style on this album.  I will be checking it out!


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