Monday, November 10, 2008

Are You Nosy? Too Much Time on Your Hands?

Here's A Delicious Site for You...
Now you can see what web sites other Internet users are bookmarking AS THEY ARE BOOKMARKING THEM! You don't need to wait until a site gets popular or limit yourself by your own search terms. If that seems exciting to you, let me explain. At you can watch the new additions as they are posted. Every few seconds (there are over 5 million users) a new bookmark, with screenshot, appears. Follow the link or save it to savor it later.
A little background, for those born too late to have absorbed the concept by osmosis: is a social bookmarking site which allows people around the world to store their favorite web sites, organize them and share them with five million friends. (Reddit and Digg are two other popular sites with similar concepts.)
So you submit a bookmark for a web site, and assign a "tag" (or subject) to it. This site is then added to the list of web sites under that particular tag. You, or anyone else, can search for all bookmarks given that tag.
I'm not saying this is a must-see or anything, but it is kind of fun.

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