Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Picture and Answer Session

Sometimes a picture is worth...

There are a lot of question-and-answer web sites around. They're so thick sometimes, you can trip over one on your way to your local library catalog. Here's one you won't want to miss, though. At Picanswers.com you send in a photo and ask for an ID or explanation or a source or whatever. On a recent browse I found:
-- a flashy, fiery tattoo-looking design that someone was wondering about (someone ID'ed it as the logo of a metal band called Slipknot)
--an uncompleted painting of a dog and a man on a beach (the painter was looking for ideas on how to finish it)
--a photo of an American soldier cradling a wounded (Iraqi?) boy (a viewer sent in the photographer's name and web site)
--a screendump from a Nokia phone with unidentified icons on it

Other users were trying to find the value of collectibles, identify insects or plants, or locate individuals.

You can search by tags or categories or, of course, you can just browse the pictures chronologically and look for bizarro pix.

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