Friday, November 7, 2008

Explore Wellesley's Natural History

Wellesley’s Natural History Guides

Over the years the Wellesley Conservation Council, the Wellesley Historical Society and the Massachusetts Audubon Society have published guides to the natural history of Wellesley. Most of the guides include maps of localities mentioned in the text such as park land, open space, points of interest, and historic sites. The Wellesley Free Library has kept many of these guides and they are available at the library.

Walks in Wellesley; Exploring Wellesley’s Open Space by Margaret Klein Wilson -- A field guide and enjoyable armchair ramble through Wellesley’s open spaces.

Walks in Wellesley Supplement -- A booklet intended to be used in conjunction with the Map of Parks and Public Lands (included)

Geological Story of Wellesley by Katharine Fowler-Billings -- A guide to the geological sites of interest in Wellesley written by a geologist for the layman.

Birds of Wellesley by Clark Ewer – A booklet which provides an indication of the distribution, relative abundance and habitat preferences of the bird species found in Wellesley.

The Web of Life around Longfellow Pond; a Trail Guide

by Beverly

Morrison – A guide to the 62 acres of land

between Oakland St and Route 9 which includes several kettle holes, marshy areas, open fields, high ridges together with Longfellow Pond.

Four Tours of Historic Wellesley by Margaret S. Urann – A guide to four tours describing historic points of interest in Wellesley.


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