Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Newsy - News Compilation & Comparison

Newsy is a new website (begun in October 2008, it's still in beta testing) that provides a unique solution to the wide range of news resources available on the Internet--both on video and in print. The editors choose a story, compiles broadcasts and articles, and then compares them through a video. Selections of the stories covered aren't limited to the editor's purview, however, as users can suggest a story.

On their "About Newsy," they describe the importance of their service:
What are the key differences in reporting? Who has a unique insight?
By monitoring the world's new coverage, we provide immediate analysis of news perspectives so you can form your own opinion. You'll find it an informative and a convenient resource that you will want to check daily. We will not change the news, but we will change your view of it. Global access to multiple perspectives helps provide the real story, Newsy.com.


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