Thursday, April 30, 2009

World War II

he Wellesley Free Library has a large selection of books about World War
II. Some of the most recent are listed below.


Dwork, Deborah. Flight from the Reich: refugee Jews, 1933-1946

Korda, Michael. With wings like eagles: a history of the Battle of Britain

Evans, Richard J. The Third Reich at war

Ryan, Mark. Hornet's sting: the amazing untold story of World War II spy Thomas Sneum

Nelson, Anne, Red Orchestra : the story of the Berlin underground and the circle of friends who resisted Hitler

Alexander, Larry, Shadows in the jungle: the Alamo Scouts behind Japanese lines in World War II

Weller, George, 1907-2002. Weller's war

DeFelice, James. Rangers at Dieppe: the first combat action of U.S. Army Rangers in World War II

Holland, James, Italy's sorrow: a year of war, 1944-1945

Porter, Anna. Kasztner's train: the true story of an unknown hero of the Holocaust

Swift, Will, The Kennedys amidst the gathering storm : a thousand days in London, 1938-1940


Amick, Steve. Nothing but a smile

Lehrer, James. Oh, Johnny : a novel

Littell, Jonathan. The kindly ones : a novel

Houghteling, Sara. Pictures at an exhibition

Shaara, Jeff. The steel wave: a novel of World War II

Pressfield, Steven. Killing Rommel: a novel


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