Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Emmy Award-Winning Libraries and a Record-Setting Book

Congratulations to the Douglas County Libraries in Colorado for their Emmy Award-winning Public Service Announcement, "Discover Your Library." Check out their PSA video below, it's a fantastic visual representation of how libraries connect people with the world of information--and it even features our long-lost friend, the card catalog!

In related award news, the late Agatha Christie is now a three-peat Guiness World Record setter. Previously having the record for the best-selling author, and the author with the longest-running play, Agatha Christie has set another record with the publication of a 4,000 + page collection of her stories, being the book with the thickest spine in the world. If you'd like to purchase this limited edition book, you're looking at a price tag of £1000. From the website:
Measuring over a foot long, with 4,032 pages, the volume contains the complete Miss Marple stories – all 12 novels and 20 short stories.

With 252, 16-page hand-sewn sections, the production values of this limited edition are amazing and the attention to detail is remarkable. Bound by Cedric & Chivers Period Bookbinding, cased in Winters Wintan leather, blocked in gold on the front and spine, with head and tail bands, four silk ribbon markers to keep your place, and with only 500 made, this special limited edition is for fans and collectors alike.


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