Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Let's see...Should a post about an excellent obituary web site go to the Library's newsletter, its Web Site of the Month page, Facebook page or right here on the Blog? Or maybe I should just tag it on Delicious or add a page to the Reference Department wiki. (We're so 2.0!) Well, by now, you're probably aching to know just what this site is, so Blog it is. was created to help people cope with some of the practical tasks that abound after a family member has died. There are resources on writing eulogies, obituaries, thank yous, funeral readings and more. Equally useful are the links for finding newspaper obituaries. Clicking on a state and then a town newspaper brings you right to recent obituaries. This is not an obituary database, so we can't search more than one newspaper at a time and each newspaper provides a different sort of coverage. A useful site for those dealing with a death.

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