Thursday, May 20, 2010

From the Author's Mouth--CSPAN's Booknotes & Book TV

Besides being the place to follow Congress' activities, C-SPAN has been a place where booklovers could see and hear author's speak about their new nonfiction publications. From 1989-2004, 799 Booknotes' one hour interviews offered a great place to hear the author talk about his/her life, research, and books. Today, students and nonfiction book lovers can find all 799 hour long programs and their transcripts through the C-SPAN Video Library.

In addition, booklovers may watch C-SPAN's Book TV's (which offers 48 hours of the best nonfiction books every weekend) featured programs with authors such as Laura Bush (Spoken from the Heart) and Richard A. Clarke (Cyber War: What it is and How to Fight It) in their entirety.

So, in addition to attending the Wellesley Free Library's author visits, you now have a great resource to assist you in finding the best books to read! SH

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