Monday, May 3, 2010

Travel Guides

The Wellesley Free Library has travel guides on 98 specific countries from Argentina to Zambia. Guides to individual cities, we got them; -50 International cities and 39 cities within the USA. For additional coverage of less well known areas, the library has regional travel guides for countries in South America, Central America, Middle East, Europe, Eastern Europe, The Caribbean, and East Africa. Regional guides are also available for the USA as well as guides to the National Parks. Other travel guides focus on art, day trips, walks, wildlife, museums and travel memoirs.

Travel Guides How to Find Them

When the library catalogs travel guides, we use the subject heading “place name” – guidebooks. So when searching for travel guides in the library catalog use the term guidebooks with the name of the country or city you are looking for. Please note that the word travel is not always used in the record for the guide so use guidebooks instead.

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