Wednesday, May 5, 2010

New from the Department of "Who Knew?"

Are you interested in serious online learning--for free? Lots of colleges and universities make their course materials available online. The range of courses is enormous and the materials include lecture notes, readings, exams, videotape lectures assignments and labs.There are several web sites which have incorporated the course listings into a searchable form. The Open Courseware Consortium is made up of 200 colleges worldwide committed to sharing educational materials. A Google search provides access to the materials. The Online Education Database includes both fee-based distance learning courses and free course materials. A new site, OCW Search, searches the courseware from MIT (1800 courses!), Stanford and Open University Learning Space with a nice clean search engine.Topics range from American Soap Operas to Biomedical Signal and Image Processing. Now, if I can just get off this internet surfboard long enough...

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