Monday, August 17, 2009

PC Magazine's Top 100 Websites for 2009

There's more "best of" or top-whatever list on the Internet than you can shake a stick at, but I promise I'm not wasting your time by directing you to PC Magazine's Top 100 Websites for 2009. The list has two major divisions, between classic websites such as Twitter, and undiscovered websites. You might be surprised by some of the classic websites you haven't yet discovered, such as the online image editor Picnik, but for my money the undiscovered websites are the most fun. Looking for public domain sheet music? Check out the IMSLP website. Trying to figure out if the halibut that's been sitting in your freezer is still edible? Look no further than The list has already turned me on to a few websites I'll be sure to use frequently--such as the Pandora-killer Grooveshark (which lets you create playlists of songs you want to listen to) and the real-estate finder HotPads--so this is a list I'll be coming back to for some time.


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